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We are a team of qualified professionals with rich experience, having the Minister of Finances certificates - so we are a solid accounting office in Szczecin.

SÅ‚awomir Jamrozik - master's degree graduate from the Szczecin University, specialty Financial Management. He also completed postgraduate studies in Financial and Fiscal Accountancy. He worked for 6 years in financial department of international manufacturing company Carlsberg.

He is an expert in international accounting standards, Polish business law, business consulting and a member of International Controlling Association (ICV). He has a certificate issued by the Minister of Finances. He is fluent in English.

Sylwia Gregorczyk - graduate from West Pomerania University of Technology, specialty Finances and Accountancy. From the very beginning she has been involved in financial and fiscal accounting at Szczecin companies, as well as accountancy service offices.

She is an expert in domestic and international fiscal law, and head accountant and economical adviser. She has a certificate issued by the Minister of Finances. She is fluent in German.

Team - includes 10 persons, specialists in taxes, accountancy, personnel and payroll. All our employees continuously improve their skills and qualifications participating in training courses, lectures and seminars. They are fluent in English or German. They are people who work with passion!

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