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Financial Controlling Services

Controlling is a modern tool for efficient business entity management. In particular, financial controlling that focuses on financial and accounting data ensures the company management have required information to make efficiently any business decisions.

Financial controlling gathers relevant figures in organized manner, process them to provide to the company managers, including current information on all essential areas of operation. Du to this, managing company is easier, and basically economically effective.

Implementation of Financial Controlling

  • analyzing company processes,
  • identifying centers of expenses/incomes/responsibilities,
  • developing methods of planning and budgeting,
  • developing management report forms,
  • analyzing financial and accounting system adaptation for the needs of controlling.

Financial Controlling Services

  • implementation of controlling in organization,
  • financial planning,
  • budgeting,
  • reporting and analyzing any budget deviations,
  • analyzing profitability,
  • evaluation of investment effectiveness,
  • control of financial liquidity,evaluation of investment effectiveness,
  • preparing management ad hoc reports.


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